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2coolCondos Artificial Reef Funding Site

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Project History:

     The purpose of this project is to fund a series of state water reefs off the coast of Texas. will provide all the materials and labor to permit, construct, deploy and document the actual reefs.  A small image of the reef is located on the upper left and a much larger version is located down below.  Each reef costs $1000 to build and deploy.  

     After discussions on the Blue Water board of, a member there, (mahiseeker) proposed setting up a point of collection for those wanting to participate in this project that wanted to fund a portion of a reef.  This site is just for that purpose, funding of artificial reefing off the state of Texas in State of Texas Waters.  Payments can be made through paypal, via check, by directly deposting funds into a bank account or in person.  Every single dollar donated will pass directly to for the explicit purpose of building artificial reefs in our waters.  Anyone donating can stop by my office at 1306 South Highway 3 to view the actual ledger sheets of donations.  100% of funds donated will go to

Each reef is capable of producing about 500 pounds of snapper and other fish each year.  By having hundreds of these reefs deployed over the next few years, Texas will be well on its way to having a substainable state fishery inside of state waters and outside of Federal control.  Not only will fisherman and women enjoy shorter rides to the fishing grounds, they will save valuable fuel, and enjoy greater safety.  These areas will be off limits to traditional bottom trawlers by design.   Shorter rides to the fishing grounds will also make it easier to involve our children in our fishery.  Investing in the future now will pay huge dividends for decades to come.

The reefs have now been fully deployed and an interactive map of thier location is available at


Running total:   $4218.08 (closed out)


Below is a large picture of the actual reef to be deployed by

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